Kold +Partners are with you all the way when your company needs employees.


We always deliver the best solution for your company. Whether you are hiring for a permanent position, you need a temporary resource or a complete solution for larger projects, we can help you with your exact needs.




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Outsourced Recruitment Process

Is your business facing a large expansion and in the need of many new hires? This can be a big mouthful to handle. Kold +Partners is your solution to extra resources and processes in the implementation of such a project.


Kold +Partners can provide;


  • Administration and handling of the entire recruiting process
  • IT setup for handling job postings/searches and handling of candidates and other applicants
  • Integration of your own Job Page with your website
  • Selection of candidates
  • Employees on Try & Hire basis on which the employee is employed by us until you wish to take over or replace with another employee
  • On-boarding and introduction to the company


Initially and in the process we will be present in your company in order to understand your business in detail, and subsequently to make sure that the new employees work optimally from day one.


Contact Vibeke Schultz for more information

E-mail.: vibeke@koldpartners.com

Pho.: +45 2990 1024