Kold +Partners are with you all the way when your company needs employees.


We always deliver the best solution for your company. Whether you are hiring for a permanent position, you need a temporary resource or a complete solution for larger projects, we can help you with your exact needs.


You will get the right employee and solution every time from Kold +Partners.


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Consultants & Temporary Staff

The use of consultants and temporary staff is emerging. We see a growing proportion of employees associated with companies in this way. We believe in a future where companies focus more on buying specific knowledge for specific projects from consultants or temporary staff.


Kold +Partners’ experience in the delivery and management of consultants and temporary staff is extensive. It is our mission to ensure that both specialists, who work as freelance consultants, and employees, who prefer the security of being employed by us, feel like a part of the Kold +Partners family, and especially as an important part of your company.


We have years of experience with local staff and specialists. We find them among the best – regardless of geography. Effortlessly for you, we can provide foreign consultants and temporary staff. On startup day all administrative work will be in place including registration with authorities, tax and housing.


Our long-standing cooperation with Deloitte ensures that foreign consultants’ tax set up is 100% compliant. This is for the security for you, the consultant and for ourselves.


We work in many areas and are particularly strong within: