Kold +Partners are with you all the way when your company needs skilled talent


We always deliver the best solution for your company. Whether you are hiring for a permanent position, you need a temporary resource or a complete solution for larger projects. We can help you with your exact needs.


We guarantee the right talent and perfect solution every time you choose to work with us.


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Kold +Partners deliver a complete package of solutions to help your company achieve its objectives when in the need of specialized talent. With years of experience working with solutions for large and small businesses in Denmark, Europe, Middle East and Africa, we provide a range of specialised services.


We go far for our customers, we take responsibility and are focussed on the customers results. At the same time we want to make the experience of Working with Kold +Partners unique. Our goal is for all our customers to see us as an important and close partner.


We are really proud of our HR Services. Have a further look: