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Consultants and employees with specialised skills are in high demand. Kold +Partners ensure that the right job finds the right candidate to the benefit of all. We work to meet your requirements and expectations for job challenges and for your basic well being.


If you are considering a new job or looking for the next consultancy assignment, set the process in motion. We want to get to know you, so we can help you get the best job. Come one step closer to your dream job – sign up at once to start the journey.


We will contact you by phone for a detailed talk about your wishes no later than 14 days after your registration. If you want to start up straight away and can’t wait, contact us here.


Our candidate manifest:

  • We only source candidates for real live jobs
  • You will be contacted personally when you have applied for a job or in any other way contacted us
  • You will be continuously updated on the process, so you’re never in doubt about status
  • If you are not hired we offer you a conversation about your wishes for a new job, in order for us to be able to help you along in the best way


Here, you can see which jobs we are looking for candidates for at the moment. Latest jobs


If your dream job is not here on the list at the moment, please register to receive information about future jobs that fit your profile.


Kold +Partners provide consultants and recruit for a variety of companies, types of jobs and industries.


At Kold +Partners we guarantee a professional, confidential and personal experience. You are the most important resource in our world, and we want to treat you that way.


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